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Look beneath the surface of your reality, find out what motivates & drives your actions and meet the beauty & mystery of what it means to be you.

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Living Your Design

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October 3rd - December 5th, 2019

Imagine being able
to fully express your potential

To know your core gifts and tap into your resources.
To manifest your potential and share your creativity with others.
To trust the guidance of your "voice of truth" in any given situation, knowing what works for you and what's just a distraction.
To be free from unhealthy pressure, whether mental or physical. 
To let go of the need to prove yourself and be in appreciation instead.
To release guilt and embrace your uniqueness.
To meet others from the place of self-love and acceptance.

How does it change your life?

The Living Your Design course empowers you to accept your uniqueness, tap into your core gifts, live out your energetic blueprint and be in harmony with the flow of life. From this place you can enter into experiences and relationships in a way that is correct for you, finding a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.

To live your design eliminates unnecessary resistance and stress as you explore how your aura (energy) interacts with others. It supports you to share your uniqueness and to transform the quality of your relationships.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a useful tool for people who are waking up to their full potential. It's a map for living the life you were born to live. It provides reliable signposts that guide you towards greater sensitivity and helps you trust the innate wisdom within you. The Bodygraph represents your unique energetic blueprint and shows you how you can surrender to it, over and over, in making the right decisions. Decisions, that do not come from the intellect but from a deeper place called Authority. It’s something you have always known but perhaps forgot to pay attention to. Human Design simply helps you see yourself from another perspective. Living your design empowers you to manifest your archetypal nature and facilitates the integration of body and mind.

Living Your Design Course

The main purpose of this course is supporting you in your personal growth.

You will gain an understanding of your ideal way of being (aka Strategy), how your energetic body arrives at its decisions (aka Authority) and how you function in the various areas of life in relationship to the nine energy Centers.

You will have the live support of an experienced teacher and a teaching team. Your process is deepened and grounded through sharing with other participants, hearing them speak about their experience in the online classes. As an added bonus, there will be other 'teachers in training' participating in the course to share their experience and perspective.

Is this course for you?

  • If you want to experience less resistance, be more present to what's actually going on in your life and have deeper connection with your truth... then yes.
  • If you are longing for a reliable tool to navigate your relationships consciously... Human Design is it.
  • Your only prerequisite is a willingness to experiment and step outside of your comfort zone.
  • People of all backgrounds and ages, from around the world, have successfully taken this course to be empowered in their process of "just" being themselves.

LYD course is also a gateway into the Human Design System and the 1st step in the educational process.

How will this course transform you?

Know Yourself

You'll understand how to align with your internal strengths to live out your potential.

Ideal way of Being

You will establish a conscious relationship with your ideal way of being that gets you in the flow.

Voice of Truth

You will learn how to access and listen to your innate wisdom and let it guide you.


You will learn how to communicate effectively & honestly with others so that they can hear you.


Being true to yourself and allowing others to be themselves transforms your relationships.

Your teacher

As a teenager, I was fascinated by the notion of energy and meditation. I began reading books by Osho, Castaneda as well as Tolkien and other fantasy novels. I knew there is more to life than I was able to live out and was searching for ways to be in my power. Yet I didn't know how.

My search led me to Tai-Chi, meditation, family constellations, shamanic ceremonies, NLP and all kinds of therapy and personal development modalities. Yet none of these modalities fundamentally changed my reality or opened the possibilities I knew were there.

I was looking for “something” that could ground me in life. And when I first saw my Human Design bodygraph, I just knew that I need to find out more about “it”. I had my reading straight away and enrolled in Living Your Design course.

Years of Professional Experience
Seminars & Courses
Readings & Consultations

Jakub Stritezsky

Living Your Desgin Guide

Within few months, I was clear that I want to be a Professional Analyst, so I continued onward with the educational & certification process. I went through all the courses twice: first with Lynda Bunnel of IHDS and the second time with Genoa Bliven of Human Design America. 

I was amazed how deep and true this system is. How it helped me to be more grounded, more OK. Human Design doesn’t tell me how to live, but points towards my own truth so I can follow its guidance in anything I do.

After a period of living abroad, I came back home (Prague, Czech Republic) and started doing readings.

I became a messenger of Human Design in Czech & Slovak Republic, popularizing it through public talks, magazine and TV interviews. I became certified to teach Living Your Design course and Genoa Bliven, Director of Human Design America, became my mentor and friend.

Genoa came to Czech Republic four times to lead live seminar. I have been translating his courses and later teaching them myself, live in  Cech Republic and online for Human Design America.

I have done over 3000 readings and guided over 450 students through the LYD course. I am also teaching other courses besides LYD, including the Professional Training Program for Analysts (PTL). Some of my students already became certified HD professionals. 

From the nature of my own design, my emphasis in the course is on empowering and supporting you in applying the HD information in your everyday life.

I am a 2/4 Manifesting Generator on the cross of Sleeping Phoenix, born on 21st of February 1976 at 04:25 am in Litomerice, Czech Republic.

The Course Structure

Lesson 1 will be released on October 3rd
1st online class will be on October 10th
Online classes run on Thursdays at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST / 5 pm GMT / 7 pm European.

  • The course includes 8 lessons with over 10 hrs of presentations
  • And 9 online classes - each 90-120 min long
  • You can watch the lessons online as videos, or download the audio & visuals.
  • The following week, we meet in an online classroom to discuss and share our experiences regarding the topic of a lesson.
  • Online webinars are times of live interaction, questions, sharing and support. We will be looking at your charts, teacher and teaching assistants will be answering your questions.
Evolution from seven to nine energy centers
  • The flip teaching format of recorded lessons & online meetings greatly enhances your experience and supports you in experimenting with the information in your everyday life.
  • The group energy and sharing supports you in your own process and experiment. The online classes are surprisingly personal and involving. 
  • All of this aims to empower you in living your design in everyday life. To "just" be yourself.
  • This course is an opportunity to give up fantasies about how your life should be and instead live the life that’s truly yours.
  • DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES include audio recording of all the lessons & webinars as well as the slides used in presentation. You will also get a brief description of all the Gates, list of Channel names and few other things.
  • BONUS: On top of all that, you will also receive an e-book “Commentaries on Living Your Design by Genoa Bliven, director of Human Design America. It contains key information for your Living Your Design process from a fresh perspective that you have not heard transmitted in this way before. This book is a precious resource available only to students of LYD course with Jakub.
Solar Plexus and Emotionality

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 will be released on October 3rd
1st online class will be on October 10th
Online classes run on Thursdays at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST / 5 pm GMT / 7 pm European.

In this LYD course, you will learn about the Human Design Bodygraph and how it represents the mechanics of your design. How honoring the mechanics and following your "voice of truth" enables you to actualize your core gifts. We will cover the four energy types of human being and their ideal way of functioning. We'll talk about the areas or your life corresponding to various energy centers and how you can ideally function in each of them. You’ll learn what the openness is and how to transform its conditioning into wisdom.


1st lesson release (access to the lesson in Members Area): October 3rd
1st online class: October 10th

Introduction to the Living Your Design course (23 min)
Intro to Human Design, Bodygraph, openness, conditioning etc. (1:37 min)

2CENTERS part I.

Online class: October 17th

Introduction to centers & the Ego center (59 min)
Presentation on Head and Ajna centers (24 min)
Presentations on each Center include detailed description of each center, it’s themes, keynotes and how it functions in the Open (white) and Defined (colored in) state.

3 - CENTERS part II.

Online class: October 24th

Presentation on Spleen, Solar Plexus and Root centers (40 min)

4 - CENTERS part III.

Online class: October 31st

Presentation on Sacral, G and Throat centers (35 min)


Online class: November 7th

Introduction to the theme of Personal Authority (25 min)
Presentations for each authority, eg. way of making decisions based on our design (55 min)


Online class: November 14th

Introduction to the four Types & how they can cooperate together (38 min)
The Manifestor type and its strategy (48 min)


Online class: November 21st

The Generator type and it's strategy (58 min)


Online class: November 28th

The Projector type and it's strategy (58 min)
The Reflector type and it's strategy (57 min)

December 5th

Watch the Introduction to Human Design by Jakub

It's been almost 3 years time since I made this live presentation, but you can get a feeling for where I'm coming from and how I present by watching few minutes from this introduction video.

What are Jakub's students saying
about the LYD course

Listen to students sharing their experiences & observations to get a feeling for the atmosphere in the class. You can hear Maile (from the beginning), Stefan (from 2:06), Mattise (from 4:52) and Diane (from 7:08).

Dear Jakub, thank you so much for everything. After riding the over-excitement of being shown Human Design and studying on my own all videos, audios, Lynda's book, having 3 different readings etc., your LYD course was the best thing that could happen to me! It really made the difference to listen to such a beautiful, patient and clear expert and share the experience with others. No book or videos can substitute the felt sense of learning with someone that has lived their design for a while. The approach that you and Genoa have on really going deep into the essence of HD, how it is all energetically focused, how it is all an invitation to try it out and feel it on our own... made the click for me.
Dania Parente
I wanted you to know what a contribution your class has been to me. Your ability to communicate Human Design fundamentals with both clarity and ease is remarkable. The care and attention that you put into creating the recorded lessons really shows. In the live classes, you allow students to tap into your depth of knowledge and answer our questions with helpful insight and just the right amount of supportive guidance. I spent many months looking for the right place to begin a formal training in Human Design and after I watched your introduction on YouTube, I got my answer. Each new weekly lesson was exactly what I needed. I am deeply grateful to you for that and look forward to returning to study with you again.
Jamie Rich
I so enjoyed your class and I learned so much. You have an ease to you and you explain things very well. Various examples you would use were just perfect in helping me understand the concept presented. The course has impacted my life. I am struggling with the right words to describe this difference, but overall I feel more relaxed, more at peace...I feel I have been able to take the pressure off myself of "Having to figure it all out!"
Susan Stern
Dear Jakub, that class was incredibly uplifting and awesome. I feel somehow accomplished, amused, and at peace with who I am and what's going on. Your patience, sense of humor, and ability to field all sorts of questions creates a relaxed classroom with a feeling of safety and enthusiasm. I really appreciate your teaching method, and your ability to help everyone mingle. I feel too like you address people in a way that makes sense for them.
Rebecca Rose
I loved how you brought the students into the dialogue. You were warm and open to contributions, and I think you made everyone feel special. I have a renewed appreciation for the value of HD since starting the class. It was also wonderful to have Genoa’s Commentaries, as he has such a mystical approach to things that I really relate to. I really enjoyed being in the class and observing your teaching. You are a superb teacher and have a gift for drawing people out and class participation. HD needs more faculty talent like yours.
Marsha Madigan
The LYD course had a great impact on me and exceeded my expectation in many ways. The classes were well organized and planned and I liked the time dedicated to sharing the student’s experiences. I did my own study of HD, but the weekly classes put me down to earth, filling all the gaps that I missed. There's a lot of information available online and it can be overwhelming and misleading to study without guidance and structure. That's why I'm so glad that I took this course and would totally recommend it to everyone seriously interested in Human Design. Thank you for such a professional work, substantiated by the care and passion you show.
Carla Muñoz

You can read more student's feedback here.

And here you can listen to Genoa Bliven's interview with Jakub about the LYD course (from 6/2015). 

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