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Autumn 2023 - New date coming up soon.

October 4th, 2023 - December 20th, 2023

 WEDNESDAYS at 9 am Pacific / noon Eastern / 4 pm UTC / 6 pm Central European

OPEN HOUSE on Sept. 21st - Free course introduction open to all 

The Rave Cartography Course is the third step in the Human Design Foundation year.

Prerequisites: Human Design Foundation Reading & Living Your Design & Rave ABC

With Rave Cartography, we enter a new realm of depth in our studies, like opening the “book of mysteries”, because with Channels, we begin to see the absolute genius embedded in the bodygraph. Channels illustrate their story through the BodyGraph itself, when taught in a specific sequence.

We laid the foundation necessary for this exploration in the LYD and Rave ABC courses. Channels are the source of tremendous power, giving birth to our strengths and gifts that we can live out through Type, Strategy and Authority.

Topics covered in the Rave Cartography course include:

  • Channels and the strengths and gifts they create.
  • Inner and Outer Authority
  • The unification of charts through line frequency
  • Resonance, harmony and dissonance in charts
  • Energetic priorities in each Design
  • Our Keynoting will now include Channels
  • Profiles, the eight profiling gates, and their lines
  • Alignment with Profile

The Rave Cartography teacher conducts a guided tour of the channels integrating their function and relationship to the Centers, as well as Type, Strategy and Authority. It reveals the functional relationships of Types to each other through Channel and Center energetics. You will learn to see how Strategy and Authority and inter-type communication emerge out of the synergetic function of Channels and the Authority they create in the world.

Illustrations from the course

Our flip teaching format, affords more time for class discussions, questions and answers and in-sharing, and learning with teachers, assistants and your fellow students.  Lead teachers and assistants will all share their deep knowledge, and what it was like to learn Human Design and share their life-experiences. We will review student charts, giving perspective and insight to each. We will answer questions, plus students will have the chance to present their own keynoting work. Everyone is free to take in the class in their own way and to share their personal reflections, when it’s in their flow.

This course builds upon the foundation from the two previous courses: Living Your Design and Rave ABCs. Our goal is to advance the keynoting work students have already practiced. We will extend keynoting skills to the next level, since it is always important to build the skills to share your growing insights in detail. We will delve deeply into the meaning of gates and line frequency in relationship to Channels, to reveal a unified message within each Design, as your knowledge grows. This sets the stage for the study of Profile as the crowning achievement of the Foundation Year of study.

Illustrations from the course

Your teacher         


I was introduced to the Human Design system in the spring of 1999.  I was immediately struck by the resonance I felt with my foundational reading and the truth that spoke to me through the mechanics of my chart.  I began experimenting with my strategy and developed a personal relationship with my emotional inner authority and since that time my perspective on the world and my role and place in it changed forever.  I became an HD analyst at that time and gave hundreds of readings during the next ten years.  

Then, in 2010, I met Genoa Bliven from Human Design America.  He became my mentor, and I once again took all the analyst training courses to be current with the most up to date training to be a professional analyst.  It has now been over twenty years that I have been working with the Human Design System.  It has had a profound positive impact on my life, and I have seen the remarkable awakenings in the lives of the countless people I have helped introduce to Human Design.  Sharing this knowledge has become my great passion in this life.  I love the simplicity, logic, and user-friendly nature of the system.  It is a body consciousness awareness tool that can easily help us find our true authenticity and personal integrity.  I greatly look forward to teaching the Living Your Design Course as it is the perfect first step for deepening your understanding of the Human Design System and learning new ways to appreciate your uniqueness.

Your teacher         

Genoa Bliven

I first encountered the Human Design System the day after the new Moon in August 1995. I met Ra Uru Hu shortly afterwards and participated with his teaching through its completion in 2011. I have seen the Human Design emerge into the world, one step at a time over these 28 years to form one complete and symmetrical whole. Ra fused the beginning of his teaching with its fulfilled conclusion, closing the circle and welding the ring together before he died. Now we have the opportunity to teach and use Human Design in its complete form.

The Human Design is a method of perceiving and participating in a leap of consciousness. This leap is essential to our survival as a life-form and is centered through unique individuals, who can perceive their own evolution, acquire relational intelligence and communication skills. Throughout the world, people are waking up to a shift in their perception and sense of their responsibility to their personal lives and the ecosphere. The Human Design maps and grounds this leap through surprisingly poignant and useful information, which leads to a free and open inquiry about how we live and communicate honestly.

Genoa Bliven

Your teacher         

Jakub is an experienced Human Design professional and teacher with an intimate knowledge of the course curriculum. He is the author of videos in the Members Area and has closely worked with Genoa Bliven, head teacher at Human Design America, since 2011. Jakub has an extensive experience with teaching live and online courses. You can watch his public presentations at the Rave Marathon online events here (topic: Not-self is not the enemy) and here (topic: Authority embodied).

Years of Professional Experience
Seminars & Courses

Jakub Stritezsky

The Course Structure

You will receive access to resources in the Member Area as soon as you sign up.

 WEDNESDAYS at 8 am Pacific / 11 am Eastern / 3 pm UTC / 5 pm Central European

  • The course includes 11 online classes, each 2 hours long. They provide an environment  for lively discussion, questions, sharing our work, and support. During these sessions, we engage with your Design chart, explore your Definitions, and share our learning experiences.
  • We provide abundant online resources, including recordings, diagrams and slides for you to explore. These materials are available on a special website for this course.
  • You will learn how to weave the keynotes for gates to create a description for a Channel. This process is not only enjoyable but also offers profound insights into your own definition. Additionally, you will practice keynoting skills using your charts and receive feedback from your peers.
  • We offer innovative exercises, worksheets and wild mind writing to explore our insights and reflections. As students participate, sharing their creative work is a truly special experience.
  • As a student, you will also have the opportunity to join weekly study groups. While participation in study groups is voluntary, they are an invaluable resource for deepening your understanding and experience.

The Human Design arrived in the world as a transmission from higher states of consciousness. In this course, we begin to fathom the depth of this transmission through the precise geometry and intriguing detail of the bodygraph.
We begin to grasp in awe, its profound and revolutionary impact. We will delve into the very structure of the bodygraph and its ingenious arrangement.

Prerequisites: Human Design Foundation Reading & LYD Course & Rave ABC

Recommended Class Material:
Circuitry by Richard Rudd. Back-stock still available, for more email us here.
Line Resonance by Ra Uru Hu
Rave Bodygraph Circuitry by Ra Uru Hu

Course Schedule

 WEDNESDAYS at 9 am Pacific / noon Eastern / 4 pm UTC / 6 pm Central European

 Course schedule is here:
Please note that this list includes eleven dates, with a break on November 22, 2023,
for Thanksgiving, before resuming the classes on November 29, 2023.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Wednesday, October 11, 2023
Wednesday, October 18, 2023
Wednesday, October 25, 2023
Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Wednesday, November 8, 2023
Wednesday, November 15, 2023

[Break for Thanksgiving] Resuming after the break
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Wednesday, December 13, 2023
Wednesday, December 20, 2023



Collective, Individual and Tribal Gates and Channels in-depth exploration 


In-depth exploration & sharing about Angles and all 12 profiles


Review and deepening of your knowledge of Centers


Review and deepening of your knowledge of Authorities


Additional presentation of Splits and other aspects of Design Mechanics

What are Jakub's students saying
about his teaching style

Hello Jakub, I’m enjoying your RC class very much! I appreciate the level of detail and depth you have put into the material for us to learn. Your presentation, rhythm, and speaking style makes the class material even richer to learn and easier to digest. Thank you for providing a space that is calm, peaceful and engaging! Your level of detail and commitment to your classes, content, and teaching is such a tremendous benefit to all of your students, me included :)) I so wish I could have done my LYD and Rave ABC with you!
Amy Norsigian
I loved how you brought the students into the dialogue. You were warm and open to contributions, and I think you made everyone feel special. I have a renewed appreciation for the value of HD since starting the class. It was also wonderful to have Genoa’s Commentaries, as he has such a mystical approach to things that I really relate to. I really enjoyed being in the class and observing your teaching. You are a superb teacher and have a gift for drawing people out and class participation. HD needs more faculty talent like yours.
Marsha Madigan
I wanted you to know what a contribution your class has been to me. Your ability to communicate with both clarity and ease is remarkable. In the live classes, you answer our questions with helpful insight and just the right amount of supportive guidance. I spent many months looking for the right place to begin a formal training in Human Design and after I watched your introduction on YouTube, I got my answer. Each lesson was exactly what I needed. I am deeply grateful to you for that and look forward to returning to study with you again.
Jamie Rich

You can read more student's feedback here.

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