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Human Design School of Human Design America was established by Ra Uru Hu, the originator of the Human Design System. We are a fully accredited Human Design school.

Upcoming Online Courses

From September 3rd

The next level after LYD course
Study of (your) Lines & Circuitry

From October 3rd

Foundational course of
the Human Design Sytem

From September 30th

Professional Training Level 2
Connection / Relationship readings

From October 30th

In-depth study of Gates, Channels
and Profiles

From January 28th, 2020

Professional Training in Human Design,
3 semester course on reading charts

Teachers at Human Design School

Education in Human Design System

Three Foundational Courses

These courses are a for newcomers and general public. They provide a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental aspects of the Human Design System. They also give context - and are a necessary prerequisite - for further Professional training.


Introduction to the Human Design System, nine energy Centers, four Types and their Strategy, inner/personal Authority and your individual process of living your Design in everyday life.

Pre-requisites: Foundation Reading
Required Materials: Living Design Student Manual

Click here for the upcoming Living Your Design course


Covers conscious and unconscious activations (Personality and Design); Hexagram Structure: Lines values and frequencies, and Circuitry: three Circuit Groups and their keynotes.

Pre-requisites: Foundation Reading, Living Your Design
Required Materials: Rave ABC Student Manual

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This course is a journey through the Bodygraph, as it maps the flow of auric energy through Center, Types and the 36 channels that define them.

Pre-requisites: Foundation Reading, Living Your Design, Rave ABCs
Required Materials: Rave Cartography Student Manual

Note: These courses can be taken "for your own edification" or for credit towards professional training.

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Professional Training Courses

Advanced training to become a certified Human Design Professional. Please contact us if you have further questions.

This class covers the 64 Gates, the 384 Lines of the Rave I'Ching, keynoting, the Four Views, and BodyGraph synthesis.

Pre-Requisites: Foundation Reading, Living Your Design, Rave ABC, Rave Cartography
Required Materials: Rave I'Ching, Line Companion, Circuitry

A two section course. Section one: Connection mechanics and Partnership reading. Section two: Cycle mechanics and Life Cycle reading.

Pre-Requisites: Professional Training Level I
Required Materials: Partnership Analysis, Life Cycles Analysis

Professional Training Level III - Incarnation Crosses Analysis

Covers Incarnation Crosses and teaches how to incorporate them into readings using keynoting.

Pre-Requisites: Professional Training Level II
Required Materials: Quarter and Profile, Incarnation Crosses by Profile

Living Your Design Guide Training - Teacher Training

Teacher training to become a certified Living Design Guide.

Pre-Requisites: Rave Cartography