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Professional Training Level 2

1st Semester - Connections

with Jakub Stritezsky  at Human Design America

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February 9th -  April 20th, 2022

Online classes run on Wednesdays at 9 am PST / 12 pm EST / 5 pm GMT / 6 pm European

This Semester includes 11 online classes (22 hours in total) - see schedule

Prerequisite: Human Design Foundation Reading, Living Your Design, Rave ABC,
Rave Cartography and PTL1 (all 3 semesters).

PTL2 is a two-semester program and part of the Professional Training in Human Design. In the 1st semester (from October 2019), you will learn how to read composite charts and analyze the underlying mechanics between two designs. You will learn a clear structure for delivering simple, direct and elegant Relationship readings. In 2nd semester (from February 2020), you will learn to analyze and interpret return charts (Solar, Saturn, Uranus and Kiron).

Connection readings provide an understanding of how energy interacts between the auras of two people. This valuable knowledge can facilitate healing in our relationships through understanding, clarity and acceptance. This course is an inspiring and transformative experience, both for professional development and personal breakthroughs. 

In the 1st Semester, you will

  • Receive concise presentations of the teachings
  • Observe demonstrations of reading skills
  • Learn to recognize the similarities and differences between two people / designs
  • See the mechanics of energetic interaction
  • Learn to prioritize aspects of a composite chart
  • Practice your own reading and presentation skills

You will also have an opportunity to re-visit your own relationships and learn from the depths of your own experience. All of that will help you to develop your own unique style of presentation & methods of sharing the information with clients. It will support you and your clients to open up to more authentic ways of communicating.

Everyone will have the opportunity to practice their reading skills in class. Your teacher will share his observations and provide supportive feedback to help your further development. Another opportunity to practice & learn from each other will be during weekly study groups (with 3-4 students).

You will learn to analyze Composite charts and deliver well-organized, concise and helpful readings.

Relationship is always far more than we think it is. People tend to ask for Connection analysis at a pivotal time in their awakening process. Often, ‘waking up’ comes in times of crisis, and thus, crisis becomes an extraordinary opportunity for growth and development. In asking for an analysis, people are attempting to move their relationships toward more clarity. We each can learn how to trade our conditioning for authentic communication in our relationships.

Genoa Bliven

Head teacher & Director of Human Design America

You will be qualified to do Connection readings after completion of Professional training and passing the certification exam. This course is the gateway to a heart-full, satisfying and transformational professional work experience. People can receive valuable assistance through the reading, as well as on-going consultations with you. They will understand how much information you have that can help them. It will be your job to deliver a clear reading and support them in transforming their relationships.

Students will also receive a transcript of PTL2 (1st Semester) course taught by Genoa Bliven, head teacher at Human Design America, in 2013-2014. This is a wonderful & valuable resource that provides an additional stream of presentation, transmitted in Genoa's unique and masterful style. You will essentially be getting the complete teaching presented through the voice of two different teachers and their perspectives - Jakub and Genoa.

Illustrations from the course

Your teacher         

Jakub is an experienced Human Design professional and teacher with an intimate knowledge of the course curriculum. He has assisted Genoa Bliven, head teacher at Human Design America, in all levels of the Human Design general and professional training, since 2011. He has an extensive experience with teaching live and online courses with over 1300 participants and has done over 3500 Foundation Readings. You can read more about Jakub here.

Years of Professional Experience
Seminars & Courses

Jakub Stritezsky

If you want to get a better sense of Jakub's style,
watch his presentation at the Rave Marathon online even from 2021

The Course Structure

Online classes run on Wednesdays at 9 am PST / 12 pm EST / 5 pm GMT / 6 pm European
1st online class will be on February 9th

  • The course includes 11 online classes - each around 2 hours long. (If you miss the class, you will have the recording as well as slides.)
  • Online classes are times of presentation, live interaction, questions, sharing and support. 
  • You will be invited to participate in study groups to practice your reading skills with fellow students.
  • Study groups are a valuable additional resource that will help you to profoundly deepen your experience (participation is voluntary).

Prerequisites: Human Design Foundation Reading, Living Your Design, Rave ABC,
Rave Cartography and PTL1 (all 3 semesters).

Recommended Class Material: Partnership Analysis - ebook by Ra Uru Hu

What are Jakub's students saying
about his teaching style

I loved how you brought the students into the dialogue. You were warm and open to contributions, and I think you made everyone feel special. I have a renewed appreciation for the value of HD since starting the class. It was also wonderful to have Genoa’s Commentaries, as he has such a mystical approach to things that I really relate to. I really enjoyed being in the class and observing your teaching. You are a superb teacher and have a gift for drawing people out and class participation. HD needs more faculty talent like yours.
Marsha Madigan
Dear Jakub, the course was incredibly uplifting and awesome. I feel somehow accomplished, amused, and at peace with who I am and what's going on. Your patience, sense of humor, and ability to field all sorts of questions creates a relaxed classroom with a feeling of safety and enthusiasm. I really appreciate your teaching method, and your ability to handle everyone’s questions. It the right amount of polite and compassionate, informative and authoritative. I feel too like you address people in a way that makes sense for them. You’re a good instructor. Thank you.
Rebecca Rose
Dear Jakub, thank you so much for everything. After riding the over-excitement of being shown Human Design and studying on my own all videos, audios, Lynda's book, having 3 different readings etc., your LYD course was the best thing that could happen to me! It really made the difference to listen to such a beautiful, patient and clear expert and share the experience with others. No book or videos can substitute the felt sense of learning with someone that has lived their design for a while. The approach that you and Genoa have on really going deep into the essence of HD, how it is all energetically focused, how it is all an invitation to try it out and feel it on our own... made the click for me.
Dania Parente
I wanted you to know what a contribution your class has been to me. Your ability to communicate Human Design fundamentals with both clarity and ease is remarkable. The care and attention that you put into creating the recorded lessons really shows. In the live classes, you allow students to tap into your depth of knowledge and answer our questions with helpful insight and just the right amount of supportive guidance. I spent many months looking for the right place to begin a formal training in Human Design and after I watched your introduction on YouTube, I got my answer. Each new weekly lesson was exactly what I needed. I am deeply grateful to you for that and look forward to returning to study with you again.
Jamie Rich

You can read more student's feedback here.

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